Forget Forever (Selena Gomez) Guitar / Piano Chords

Song Forget Forever By Selena Gomez Guitar And Piano Chords Available Now On Piano Daddy's USA Specials Section. 

Song : Forget Forever
Singer : Selena Gomez
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Chords Used : {E} {A} {F#m} {D} {Bm}

I told, I told, I told myself again
{E}             {Bm}          {E}
I'm never running back on what I said
{E}               {Bm}           {E}
Trying not to roam but you're so...
{E}            {Bm}
Far away, so far away
{F#m} {A}        {E}

Won't listen to the conscience in my head
{E}                 {D}             {E}
I'm conscious but I'm lonely, halfway dead
{E}                   {Bm}     {D}    {E}
Tired of the things you never...
{E}          {Bm}
You never said, you never said
{F#m}      {A}            {E}

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